Pirate hats

Since the golden age of piracy was the eighteenth century it is appropriate that we remember pirates as men who wore the eighteenth century’s most popular item of headgear; the tricorn hat.

The actor Johnny Depp’s Captain Sparrow wears a leather tricorn hat with the sides secured to the crown with a cris-crossing leather thong.

leather pirate hat

Oddly for a film based on a theme park fun ride, this little detail was  perfectly acceptable and historically accurate.

Here is a picture of the pirate Bartholomew Roberts from “A History of the Pyrates” by Captain Charles Johnson  c. 1724. As you can see he is wearing a braided and feathered tricorn.

Edward Teach, alias Blackbeard, arguably the most infamous of the pirates of the Spanish main was also depicted wearing a tricorn.

blackbeard the pirate

Less accurate are tricorn hats with a skull and crossbones on the front!

baby pirate